Pain relief for haemorrhoids, piles & fissures

Haemorrhoids & Fissures

Haemorrhoids and anal fissures can be uncomfortable and painful conditions to live with – but are something we don’t always want to talk about.

Xylocaine 5% Ointment can temporarily numb the immediate pain and ease the discomfort of both haemorrhoids and anal fissures.


Haemorrhoids and anal fissures are both uncomfortable and often painful conditions that affect your back passage (or anus).

Haemorrhoids (or piles) are varicose veins that appear slowly over time. They occur when the small blood vessels and veins around your anus and rectum begin to bulge with blood and can become hard and start bleeding.

Sometimes the veins can ‘hang’ outside the anus, particularly after going to the toilet and having a bowel movement can be an uncomfortable or painful experience.

An anal fissure is a small tear or split in the lining of your anus and is commonly caused by chronic constipation and the build-up of hard ‘poo’ inside the rectum or straining during childbirth.

If your haemorrhoids or anal fissures are causing you pain or discomfort, using Xylocaine 5% Ointment may help ease your symptoms.

Other things you can do to help prevent or cope with haemorrhoids and anal fissures include:

  • Avoid straining when you go to the toilet
  • Avoid being constipated as this can lead to both haemorrhoids and anal fissures
  • Try changing your diet to include more fruit and vegetables, fibre and water to make your stools softer and easier to pass
  • Apply petroleum jelly around the anus before going to the toilet
  • Pat rather than rub around your anus or and try using moist toilet paper or a baby wipe

Bleeding is a common symptom of haemorrhoids and anal fissures. It is important to see a doctor if you notice any bleeding from your bowel as this can be caused by other more serious conditions.

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